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Granddaughter Shea
My pal Mr Lucky who is never far from my feet---even when I'm writing although he doesn't care much for that time.
A biker wedding with my son, Randy Roger, and new daughter-in-law, Susan
Granddaughter Kathryn in Corpus Christi
Granddaughter Alexandre

Daughter Leone and hubby, Scott cutting the rug
Autumn Palomino
Blue Mindy
Nancy With Bird of Paradise
Nancy At Bedroom Window in Paris
Loralie at Black's Beach
Odysseus Returning to Ithaca
Loralie pen and ink sketch
Loralie in Fall
Loralie pencil sketch
Ellie Sun Worshiping
Sioux Emerging
Vietnam Nightmare #1
The Two Marys
Ellie and Cherries
Spirit Horse
Mystic Rain
Binky and grandson Julian
Part of the tribe: left to right

Stephen, Shea, Leone, Kathryn, Hailey
One of the saddest days ever was when we lost my granddaughter Maddy at four-years-old


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