Morgan Llywelyn

A good friend, Morgan lives in a tiny fishing village north of Dublin whose name I refuse to give to protect her privacy.  Her works encompass the richness of Irish life past and present. Her Proustian masterpiece is actually one long book divided into many dealing with establishing the Republic---1916, 1921, 1949, 1972, 1999.
Favorites: In addition to the above, Red Branch

Andrew Greeley

One of the most prolific and daring authors I know! His works are too numerous to mention but his recent series featuring the divine
Nuala Anne McGrail and Blackie Ryan are wonderful reads. His nonfiction works have opened many eyes to Roman Catholicism as well and are thoughtful and insightful commentaries on society today.
Favorites: The Cardinal Virtues, The Cardinal Sins, The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain,
and the nonfiction works The Catholic Myth, The Great Mysteries: Experiencing Catholic Faith from the Inside Out, and his Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest
Carlos Fuentes

Long overdue for the Nobel Prize, Fuentes's works are an experience to behold. His revolutionary work in a new literary form is setting standards for all authors today. Highly outspoken, his insight into the politics of Latin America have earned him the animosity of many, including, for a while, the United States! 
Favorite works: The Death of Artemio Cruz, Christopher Unborn (you might need a scholarship to read this in-depth and experimental work), and Old Gringo.
Isabel Allende

One of the most sensual novelists I know, Isabel is truly eclectic in the broadest sense of the world. The House of Spirits is a masterpiece that tugs at a person's soul with its deeply profound subject matter. Set in politically turbulant times, the novel tells the multi-generational story of family endurance through Esteban Trueba's writings and his wife Clara's diary entries, as compiled by their granddaughter, Alba. The narrative structure shifts frequently.
Favorites: The House of the Spirits, City of the Beasts, and Zorro
Kathleen O'Neal Gear

Kathleen, together with her husband Michael, has produced two of the most vibrant and intelligent series that I have encountered: First North Americans and the Anazasi series. Their works are filled with factual accounts gleaned from archeologic data, much gathered by Kathleen, a noted archeologist. But her own stand-alone novels are a delightful read.
Favorites: In addition to the above named series, It Sleeps In Me and the forthcoming It Dreams In Me which I have been privileged to read in manuscript form.
W. Michael Gear

A co-author with his wife, Kathleen, of the wonderful two series mentioned above, Michael is a great author of his own books as well. A wonderful racanteur, Michael often has his listeners in stitches---when he is not delighting them with his novels.
Favorites: Coyote Summer and The Artifact
Robert Ruark

Ruark was a novelist who boldly wrote about the Mau Mau uprising in Africa and a slice of Americana in his semi-autobiographical novel The Honey Badger, published posthumously. 
Favorites: The Honey Badger and Something Of Value
Loren Estleman

Loren (a good friend as well) is one of the finest writers of the hard-boiled detective novel (although he does have his own unique twist upon the genre) I have read. His Amos Walker series should be a must read assignment to those who study criminal literature. But his novels set in the West (not really westerns) are also intriguing and demanding. His thoughtful analysis of the western novel, The Wister Trace should be required reading in college courses.
Favorites: Sugartown and Journey of the Dead
Anthony Burgess

Prolific? Anthony invented the term. Novelist, composer, librettist, poet, pianist, playwright, screenwriter
, journalist, essayist, travel writer, broadcaster, translator, linguist, and educationalist, Anthony set new standards for writing as both a commentator upon contemporary mores but on definitive analyses of the past as well as downright entertaining novels. He was also one of my instructors at the University of Iowa and when I once wrote a parody of one of his works, dryly commented that the next step up for me would be writing on bathroom walls! I never did that again!
Favorites: A Clockwork Orange and Man of Nazareth
Earnest Hemingway

Hemingway is the novelist who more or less got me started in writing. A Nobel Prize winner, his works are taut and insightful into the condition of man under adverse conditions.
Favorites: The Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to Arms, The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and A Moveable Feast
Kat and Larry Martin have long been personal favorites of mine. Both are very accomplished authors with a list of publications a mile long. Some of Kat's books that are favorites of mine are The Christmas Clock, Scent of Roses, and Against the Night. My favorite books by Larry are The Kin Series, Rush to Destiny, and Wolf Mountain and McKeag's Mountain. As friends, Kat and Larry are the best you could have, always having a friendly word for anyone who crosses their path.

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