The Outcast
by Luke Cypher

From the book cover:

Mercy may sit at God's right hand, but judgment sits at his left. And in an untamed country, some men are called to do the work of God's left hand. This is the story of such a man. This is the story of Tom Cade . . . 

To avoid the prospect of a bloody feud, Cade leaves his home at dthe tender age of sixteen, with nothing but the wise words of his preacher father and a used Spencer .54. Though he always remembers his father's words, it is the old Spencer---and his natural-born talent for using it---that comes to save and shape his life. His travels lead him to the town of Walker, Kansas where he aims to settle down and start a family. But he has only traded one feud for another. When vengeful cowards invade his home, Cade doesn't turn the other cheek. He wields his old Spencer like the wrath of God. (First in a new series)

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