Marika Carradine

Marika is the most talented sixteen-year-old I have ever met. The daughter of Edie and Bobby Carradine, she is a gifted Celtic harpist. This album is her first and one of my favorites in Celtic music. Here, Marika offers her own interpretations, arrangements, and her own compositions.


A group that will astound you with the intensity of its music and new approach to the classical string quartet. I own all their albums and each is exceptional.
The Choir of Benedictine Nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis

For meditative purposes, this album is one of my favorites!
Glenn Gould

Gould's "The Goldberg Variations" is the definitive work on Bach's work.
Frank Sinatra

Let's face it folks: If it's romantic music you're looking for, nothing's going to beat Ol' Blue Eyes!
Anne-Sophie Mutter

I love Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" and Anne-Sophie is the best I have heard.

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