There are some days when nothing seems to go right!!!

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Photo by Nancy Serwint

I tried to buy this place for a new home but wouldn't you know, the owners refused to sell!!!
With Oscar Wilde in Dublin, Ireland

Oscar wasn't  very good company for a change

He was very stoned!!!
Good friend Jo fishing in the islands

Just not having any luck!

Or was this the big one? 

Or was it bait?
The Wrangler Award given at the awards dinner at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center in Oklahoma City for Best Novel 2004---And Not to Yield

Boy did I get saddle sores!!!!
Shea on 2006 trip with Pappy, her grandpa, at the top of Loveland Pass in Colorado

Just before I had to dig her out of a snowbank!!!

Shea at Keystone in the Black Hills with grandpappy

Yes, folks, there's a new face on Mount Rushmore!!

Shea at the Needles in the Black Hills of South Dakota with Pappy behind the lens.

My favorite photo of that 2006 trip!!!
Nancy Serwint in Cyprus

One tired archeologist!!!!
Wouldn't you know it? These folk didn't want to sell either. 

Maybe I should have offered more!!!!!

Photo by Jo Meredith
Nancy with one of her discoveries while on the Cyprus dig.

Alas, it was empty!!!
My daughter, Leone, and myself at the Wrangler Awards dinner at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center.

Photo by Edie Carradine
Bobby, Edie, and the rest of the Carridines along with Pappy at the Wrangler Awards dinner. A tremendous amount of fun with great friends!!!

Photo by Leone Lewis
Good pals!!

Earnest Borgnine and Ol' Pappy at the Wrangler Awards dinner. Earnie took me for twenty bucks when I challenged him on his age. Yep! He was ninety! Pappy looks older!

Photo by Leone Lewis
Edie and her daughter, Marica, after the awards dinner! Marica, folks, is one of the most talented sixteen-year-olds I've met! She's a gifted Celtic harpist, writes her own music, and has already cut one CD of her own and traditional Celtic music!

And as for Edie, ah well, that Bobby is one lucky fella!

Photo by Pappy

Wonder if Marica would like someone playing a Jew's harp on her next CD? Hmm. Naw, not a chance!

Pappy in Massachusetts

"I love autumn the best of all---it's heady smoky scent, the taste of tannic tang in the air, the crisp cool mornings when you awaken and step outside with the first cup of coffee of the day and know that you are glad that you are alive."

Photo by Rennie Shattuck
Pappy at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts

"There is a wonderful feeling of a link with the past at Plimoth---especially from the top of the hill in autumn when you can see out across the land to the sea, the endless sea, rolling tirelessly to the land and you know in your heart that God is here."

Photo by Rennie Shattuck
Mr Lucky says, "You promised a walk! You promised! You promised!"

Photo by Pappy

"Look! You value your slippers, right! Then get the leash, pal, and let's take that walk!!!

Photo by Pappy

"Nuts! It's raining!!! 

Photo by Pappy
"Look: It's raining, I'm tired, so get your own damn chair!!!"

Photo by Pappy
"Look: It may be raining but you still gotta work!!"

Lori: the friend who makes things happen

Photo by Pappy
"You broke what? Hell, no problem! I'll fix it!"

Chris: for whom the impossible takes just a wee bit longer!

Photo by Pappy
"Hey! I said: You're all right! Get it! You're all right! Yes, you're sexy! Now get a life! Sheesh!"

Tara Saia-Lewis: one of the best damn doctors a guy could have (if he HAD to have a doctor, that is!)

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